High Quality WAV files

Before you can use any of these tracks in a commercial capacity (revenue generating or large/televised performance), you must take the following step.

High quality (24-bit, 48khz Master)  .WAV files are available for a nominal download fee for use in your own recording of production. Please keep in mind, we are not responsible for your securing of copyright, permissions or licenses to record in a commercial capacity from the original composer and copyright holder. You still have to acquire publisher's rights to the song. It is your responsibility to contact the music publisher.

Please see the Harry Fox Agency Songfile system to take care of your publication permissions prior to distributing your recording.

Fill out the form below, specifying the song name (either the name of the mp3 file from the downloads page, or just the title of the song), and proceed with the payment of the download fee ($39.99 USD $19.99USD), and I will send a link to download the WAV file to the email address associated with the PayPal account.

Song Name

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