About Me

My name is Glen Rhodes, and I've been a musician and composer all my life. At the age of 4, I IMG_7173_crop3began exploring the piano, and learning what I could make it do. I had a really old, retro synthesizer that I used to make really simple melodies and put them to beats and bass lines. This was my first experience with "multitrack composing".

I, like most people, have always searched for a way to express my soul. The means by which you work through the crazy things in life. For me, that means has always been music. At the end of a tough day, just sitting down at the piano can make the stress melt away.

I play piano by ear and love to play crazy improv jazz and rock.

I used to program computer games for the first generation PlayStation.

Along with a friend, I co-wrote a musical in 1999 called "Chrystanthia".

In 2005 I was hired and contracted to write music for the Oprah Winfrey show. My music is now heard by millions of people around the world.

I'm a lifelong musical theater fan, with Les Mis being my favorite musical.

I live in Ontario, Canada.

Why support my efforts?

So, I know it seems that these kinds of tracks magically "happen". That maybe some divine force puts them together and some orchestra records them and they pop into existence. The reality, however, is this: I'm just a guy. A normal person like you. I sit in my studio for HOURS on end, and I lovingly create these tracks. I'm not some millionaire, nor do these just make themselves. I'm a person, who makes these. Period. So, your support is deeply appreciated, because this actually costs me money, and more importantly, time. Life is short, so time is the commodity that we all have a limited amount of. I'm trading my time to make these tracks. Purchasing these tracks is a recognition of that basic fact.

My Compositions

Listen to some of my own compositions here!

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6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sheldon Francescini

    Your tracks are amazing! Thank you for sharing so generously with all of us. My friends and I are putting on a little revue show including songs from a bunch of different musicals, Les Mis being one of the ones featured with several songs. Your tracks definitely will up the quality of the performances! Keep up the fine work, and blessings on you in your musical endeavours and career!

  2. Sheldon Francescini

    And I love your little write-up on support/donations- we paid for the tracks, and as a fellow musician I’m glad that you’re advocating for support of the arts!


    Thank you so much. I intend to use your great tracks (Le Mis) I use these as backing tracks whilst I play the song part. This means I have to buy sheet music. My difficulty is trying to match the music that I buy with your music since the keys of both have, as you know, to be the same. Is it therefore possible for you to indicate the key of you tracks so that I can confidently buy matching sheet music?
    With thanks and much appreciation.


  4. Fiona Jones

    Hi Glen ,
    Your backings for les miserable are beyond word thank you.
    Also I was wondering if you would be upset if I put a melody line to some of your songs. It would help to know which already have words and melody. That way I can pin down the ones that inspire me most. Otherwise hope you do not mind me having a play around with them you never know what will happen. Just thought I would ask before I do if you know what I mean. Thank you,
    Much Love and Light to you and your family Fiona

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